General Business terms

§1 Booking Conditions

For your booking requests please enter our Website and send us a request from there, send us an e-mail to: or give us a call (+49 8821/9668920)

If we can offer you the property you asked for in the preselected time,

we will send you a non-committal offer or a binding reservation, relating to your pre-selection.

The offer is noncommittal! If you like to confirm, please send us a short confirmation by mail with your full address (first name, last name, street and house-number, postal code and city, country). Together with your booking confirmation you will also get the rental agreement. The booking is legally valid, when you receive the confirmation. The bill is the rental agreement at the same time. The contract will be made between you and the agency with its owner Heike Woynowski, who is renting and administrating the apartments in the name of the owners.

§2 Payment terms

The first deposit in the amount of 20 % of the total among, hast to be paid to our bank account within 7 days after you got the confirmation. The final payment needs to be paid not later than 4 weeks before arrival (except bookings for Christmas- and New years eve!). We have the right to cancel the rental agreement, if we don’t receive the payments until the day of maturity. The renter will hold the house rent.

If there are less than 4 weeks between the booking date and the arrival day, the full amount has to be paid by bank transfer within 3 working days after receiving the confirmation. In case of payment default we are permitted to require the current default charges in the current amount of 5 % over the basic rate of interest. We claim 2,50 Euro dunning costs for each dunning letter after default. Any other expenses that are caused by the collection procedure have to be paid by the tenant.

The tenant is also liable for the payment fees caused by PayPal, Direct-e-banking and bank transfers from abroad!

For the pre payment we do only accept payments by bank transfer or PayPal, no check!

Additional payments that have to be done on the arrival day (like to local city tax) or extra services like laundry change, Wi-Fi or garage that are booked from the guest on the arrival day, can be paid cash or with Maestro card in our office.

§3 Arrival and Departure

Your apartment is ready from 3 p.m. or 4 p.m. on the arrival day. If you arrive later than 6 p.m., you have to speak to the lessor before. The handover of the keys on the arrival day and the returning of the keys on your departure day is made after consultation with us!

You have to leave the apartment until 10 a.m. on your departure day. The landlord reserves the right to
charge 50 % of the daily rate, if the apartment won’t be cleared until 6 p.m. , and 90 % after 6 p.m. ! The flat has to be handed back in a swept-clean/well-swept state. We reserve the right to charge the maximum costs for the final cleaning, if we find excessive Pollution inside the apartment (also afterwards).

§4 Late arrival

If the arrival will be later than 6 p.m. you are obliged to give the lessor a short notice (before 5 p.m.) so we can give you a code for our key safe, where you can pick up your keys!

§5 Visitor’s tax

The municipal authorities of spa and health resorts are charging a visitor's tax. The visitor’s tax is a fixed and earmarked contribution, which is applied to provide for and maintain facilities for spa purposes.
The resort tax in Garmisch-Partenkirchen is 3 Euros per person and day. Children under 6 years are
non-contributory; Children between 6 and 15 years have to pay 1 Euro.
The resort tax in Grainau is 2,80 Euro per person and day. Children under 6 years are
non-contributory; Children between 6 and 15 years have to pay 1 Euro.

Every guest gets his card on the day of arrival (if you arrive later on the next day) from the lessor.
The card is non-transferable and only guilty for the duration of your stay and if the form is filled in completely. The Visitor’s tax has to be paid when arriving.

§6 Holiday Homes

The holiday flats will be delivered clean and tidy, with its complete inventory. Ancillary costs like water, energy and heating are included in the overnight price. If you notice any faults at the beginning of the rental period, please give a short notice to the lessor immediately! The tenant is liable for any damages he causes at the rented property and the furnishings. For example destroyed tableware, damages on the floor or the furniture. This also includes the costs for missing keys (locking system). If you have liability insurance, you need to report the damage to them. The lessor needs to know the Name and the Address, and also your insurance number.

§7 Residence

Only the listed persons must use the holiday flat. If more persons than mentioned in the booking confirmation will use the flat, it is the lessors right to cancel the rental agreement without notice. It is also not allowed to sublease the flat to third parties. The inventory has to be treated careful and has to stay in the flat. It is forbidden to move the furniture. The tenant is also liable for damages of the fellow travelers. Damages that occur due to force mature are excluded.

The tenant agrees with the general terms and conditions and the house rules.
The reconfirmation to the booking confirmation is simultaneously the Guests declaration of consent.

It is the lessors right to cancel the rental agreement without notice on the basis of a gross violation.
The tenant has no legal claim on getting a refund of the rent or compensation.

§8 Pets

Pets can be carried around shall be subject to our prior consent. The registration of the pets traveling with the guest must be announced prior to the conclusion of the rental agreement. Prices are per pet and per night! It is the lessors right to cancel the rental agreement without notice, if pets are brought to the apartment without giving the lessor a notice before the arrival. The damages in the flat, which are caused by pets, have to be borne by the guest himself.

§9 Deposit

We charge a deposit of 100 – 500 Euro (per flat) concerning the size and furnishing of the flat. We will tell you the amount before arrival, because it has to be paid together with the rent in advance.

The lessor reserves the right to charge an allowance up to 150 Euros or to keep the deposit, if the flat shows serious damages, that haven’t been told to the lessor before departure, or even if the apartment will be left behind badly polluted. This happens only in exceptional cases, if there is massive damage on the inventory (technical devices, tableware, textiles, on the wall, on the floor, or other furnishings).

We kindly ask you to notice, that all our flats and houses are non-smoker properties! If you smoke inside the flat, we will charge an expense allowance of 100 Euro.

We will send you an e-mail 48h hours after departure and tell you about possible defects or anomalies in view of the acceptance inspections of the apartments / houses. If everything is alright, we kindly ask you to send us your bank account details, to transfer the deposit back to your account within 3-7 working days.

§10 Withdrawal/cancellation

The Cancellation of the rental agreement must be made in writing. The day we get the Cancellation is the day that will be used for taxation of the costs. For travel cancellation we charge the following costs:

Up to 60 days upon arrival free of charge, up to 30 days before arrival 20% of the rent, up to 7 days before arrival 50 %, and with less than 7 days before arrival 90%. The cancellation fee refers purely to the rental price! Extra costs like the cleaning fee, Wi-Fi, garage, etcetera will be reimbursed a 100 %. In case of an official travel warning, a cancellation free of charge is possible at any time.

If it is possible to rent the apartment to someone else for the canceled period, only the expense allowance of 25 Euros will be charged.

The lessor reserves the right to charge 100 % of the rental price in case of a no-show! If the tenant can't arrive, it is his right to name other Visitors. Please give us a notice early enough that is coming to the apartment instead of you, if this happens. The decision to accept the new guests is up to us.

If the apartment will be left earlier than originally booked, the tenant has to pay the full amount for the stay nevertheless. The lessor won't refund the costs of the overnights that have not been taken! The burden of proof, that the lessor has saved expenses during the subletting, is up to the Guest.

§11 Withdrawal by the lessor

In case of cancellation of a confirmed booking in relation to force majeure or other unpredictable circumstances (for example an accident or sickness), the liability is limited to the refund of costs. The lessor has no right to gain damages, if the cancellation was justified. There is no liability for travel costs!

It is the lessors right to cancel the rental agreement without any notice, if the tenant

disturbs other guests despite warnings or if he acts contractually non-compliant, that that immediate termination of the contract is justified.

§12 Wi-Fi

If your apartment provides free Wi-Fi, you will get the password on demand, on your arrival day. Please notice that you are responsible and have to pay for all Services or transactions you use during the usage of the Wi-Fi Connection!

Using the Wi-Fi Connection you indemnify us from all claims and demands, which are caused by an illegal usage of the Wi-Fi because of you or one of your fellow travellers, brought by third parties. That does also apply for all costs and expenses that are a result of an illegal usage of the Wi-Fi or if the purpose is running contrary to the agreement. In some apartments, the Wi-Fi is free of charge, in others you have to pay a fixed amount to the lessor, before you get the login details. In this case you will get the login details on your arrival day. The information if something would be charged for Wi-Fi or not, can be found in the description of the apartments/houses.

§13 Smoking

Please notice that smoking in the apartments is forbidden! We kindly ask you to be considerate, because most of our guests are non-smokers! It is possible to smoke outside on the balcony or the terrace, which is mostly covered. In the event of a violation, we have to charge the additional cleaning costs from you (take a look at §9!).

§14 Liability of the lessor

The lessor is liable, in the due diligence of a businessman for the properly provision of the rental property.

Only considerable faults that won't be fixed in time, give the tenant the right to cancel the agreement.

A liability for slight negligence will be excluded pursuant to respective laws, and liability losses that are no physical injuries is limited to the three-fold rent.

The liability for possible failures or problems with the supply of water or energy, as well as incidents and consequences due to a higher force, are hereby excluded.

§15 Written form

Other agreements than listed in this general business terms, don't exist.

Verbal agreements are invalid.

§16 Domiciliary right

Under certain circumstances it could be necessary, that the lessor has to enter the apartment during your stay, to avoid further damage.

§17 Data processing

The tenant agrees about processing his data, if this is carried out within the purpose

of a contractual relationship.

§18 Right

German law is guilty.

§19 Severability clause

If any provision of this Agreement is held to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part, under any applicable enactment or rule of law, such illegality, invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the remainder of this agreement.

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